sauce81 - Fade Away EP

sauce81 - Fade Away EP

cosmopolyphonic's co-founder sauce81 has dropped his debut EP "Fade Away EP" from an Osaka based label Wonderful Noise Productions. Feel his groove/funkness on this EP. This 12-inch is available in many record stores (worldwide is pre-order now). Give him Biggest thumbs up!

cosmopolyphonicのファンクマスターsauce81が待望のデビューEPとなる『Fade Away EP』をWonderful Noise Productions からリリース!彼が追求するグルーヴ/ファンクネスをこのEPで感じ取ってほしい!この12inchは各レコードショップで取り扱っているので是非ともチェックして下さい!

side A
1) Stop Lovin'
2) You Know It, Baby
side B
1) Fade Away
2) Sign of Secret Love

artwork by Yuji Oda (Special Thanks!)

Jazzy SportJetSetdiskunion
JAPONICARoot DownLighthouse
Rushhour (NL)Conch (NZ) (DE)Juno (UK)

"Excellent soulful Deep House which I've played in all my recent DJ sets - ONRA"

「素晴らしいソウルフルなディープハウスで、最近 DJ する時は必ずプレイしてるよ - オンラ」

"Got close with him at RBMA(BassCamp). Since then he's been someone that I feel that vibe from. He's one of the few in Japan that can make the music that I wish of. Multi-talent. Sometimes Deep and Mellow. Been waiting for this release. SAUCE EIGHTY-WONDER!!"
grooveman Spot (ENBULL/Jazzy Sport)

「RBMAで彼に接触した。それからずっと何かを感じる存在だった。日本で理想の音楽を作れる数少ない中の一人。マルチな才能。時にDeepでMellow。このEPのリリースを待っていました。SAUCE EIGHTY WONDER!!」
grooveman Spot(ENBULL/Jazzy Sport)

"one of my favorite japanese producers , sauce81 delivers again with this awesome 4 track ep "
julien dyne ( Wonderful Noise / BBE records )

ジュリアン・ダイン(Wonderful Noise/bbe records)

"From first hearing a track of his on the Cosmopolyphonic compilation, sauce81 has always been keeping it consistently soulful and fresh!"
Mike Gao

マイク ガオ